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CruXpert is the only development tool on the market that provides Rapid Application Development. $295.00
HomeSite 4
New version! The award winning HTML tool with an intuitive interface. $84.95
mBED Interactor 1.1
The authoring tool that redefines Web multimedia. $249.00
WebFiler DB v1.0
The completely browser-centric end-user database for the web. $395.00
FrontPage 98
Ideal for new users and professional developers alike. $92.45 after $40.00 rebate
LapLink Professional
Hottest new remote access solution for the mobile professional. $140.45
WebShare 2.0
The first groupware solution designed to build on the corporate intranet infrastructure. $925.00
NetObjects ScriptBuilder
The web script creation and management tool. $87.95
Visual Cafe
Visual Cafe for Java is simply the most complete third- generation Java development solution available.
Visual Page 2.0
Fast and hassle-free web page creation software.
One Stop Site Builder 98
Create a great homepage with the greatest of speed! $49.00
Adobe PageMill
Offers everything you need to build colorful, dynamic pages! $71.95  
NetObjects Fusion
Web pros can now build the dynamic websites their clients demand! $260.45 
Net-It Now!
Transform regular desktop documents into live web pages. $295.00 
mBED Interactor
The authoring tool that redefines Web multimedia. $249.00 
Create dynamic, graphic maps of any collection of web pages and links. $395.00 
Claris Home Page
The essential web page authoring tool. $93.45 
    As of Dec 19, 1998 
  1. Visual C++ Standard 
  2. Visual Basic Learning 
  3. Turbo C++ Suite 
  4. Borland C++ Builder 
  5. FileMaker Pro 
  6. JBuilder 
  7. Access 97 Upgrade 
  8. Visual Studio Pro Upgrade 
  9. Visual Basic Pro Upgrade 
  10. VisualAge for Java Pro 
Visual Studio 6.0 Professional Edition Upgrade
The complete suite of tools for rapid application development. $383.95 after $100.00 rebate  

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