Irish Bog Oak Sculptures

What is Irish bog oak?

Read the page on Irish bogs first (bogs.html) for some background information on bogs in general. Bog oak is a very hard and very dark wood, which has been hardened and preserved after thousands of years in the Irish bog, the remains of extensive forests of pine, yew and oak at a time when the entire island was covered in dense forest vegetation.  
Many artists salvage the fragments of bog oak themselves, and create amazing works of art. The ability to work with such an ancient artefact never fails to inspire. Some incredible pieces of art have been created, as well as many less artistic and more practical pieces of artisanship for practical use in the home. In many cases, the twisting shape of the original tree is preserved as it’s often the most beautiful part.

The raw material for the beautiful artistic pieces created by talented artists

Artists, Artesans and Craftsmen

Twisted Spirit
Idris Bowen is a wood sculptor living in the heart of the Bog of Allen, Ireland, with a passion for the natural forms of ancient wood. He works primarily with 5000 year old bog wood. The spirit of the wood speaks for itself, often with a surprising twist!

The Kenny Gallery – featured artists
The Kenny Gallery in Galway has exhibitions of sculptures by well known local bog timber artists.

Brian O’Loughlin
Brian has created some imaginative, bold and absolutely beautiful pieces here, from abstract pieces, to figures. Visually intriguing to look at.

The Celtic Roots Studio
The Celtic Roots studio is a co-operative company of artists,  who create sculptures and unique gifts in bogwood. Many Heads of State around the world have received the work on visits to Ireland or abroad and now own the work of the studio.

Liam Bourke
Liam Bourke is a wood-turner and creates some nice pieces from recycled wood. (Not necessarily bog oak)

Kevin Casey
Commissioned sculptures have been presented to:  Former Prime Minister Mr Albert Reynolds TD, President Mary McAleese

Michael  Casey
Michael Casey has created some incredible sculptures, including commissions for Pope John Paul II, and Dublin Airport and there is a gallery of some of the most famous and impressive ones here.

Further Information:

Has a great set of information on bog bodies

National Museum of Ireland
Here is a link to their set of permanent exhibitions:
Well worth a visit.