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If you have any suggestions on particular books, or any advice for other readers, on which books you recommend, then please let us know.
At present, we do not provide Irish language books, as we are undertaking the development of our Irish language pages, which will be available during November. We feel essentially, that these Irish language books deserve special treatment.

We hope you enjoy browsing though our newly opened website, and promise to offer you greatly enhanced content as soon as newer pages become available. At the moment however we cannot personally recommend any of the books provided in this directory, which are solely provided 'as is'.

Readers should note that the books listings cover a wide sweep of categories, from fiction, to non-fiction, from history to politics, from travel guides, to folk tales. Visitors should be aware that modern Irish literature especially, is as 'cutting edge', and hard-hitting as always, and therefore, if you're looking for say, light-hearted fiction, make sure to thoroughly read the descriptions and opinions provided our associates at Amazon.com and their customers before you buy.

Finally, Yaq Internet will shortly be reviewing the accuracy of some of the common travel guides, with a view to rating the accuracy of each.
We do strive to be fair, and as such, inaccurate informational content will be frowned upon. All for your benefit. :)

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