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Irish Proverbs, Irish Songs, and Trivia

  • Irish Celebrities
    When I started researching Irish celebrities, I only expected to have around 10, or 20 at the most. Unfortunately, it didn't work like that, since I discovered that almost everyone in the entertainment business is connected in some way. That's nice if yer Irish.. but it's a real pain for a webmaster, cos I now have literally thousands of celebrities to research, and progress is painfully slow! :) Aw, sure, wha'harm anyways! Hopefully they'll start sending me stuff, rather than me having to scope them out. :-) In the meantime, scuse the terrible mess that this page has become. There's only one of me, against an awful lot of data!
  • The Cranberries : In Your Head
  • U2 : Faraway So Close by B. P. Fallon
  • Boyzone Go East by B. P. Fallon, Aba Dublin
  • B Witched by Jeremy Mark (Editor)
  • Enya : Shepherd Moons Enya
  • Hollywood Irish : In Their Own Words Illustrated Interviews With Gabriel Byrne, Liam Neeson, Pierce Brosnan, Stephen Rea, Aidan Quinn and Patrick Bergin
  • Loitering With Intent : The Apprentice Loitering With Intent : The Apprentice by Peter O'Toole [ Memoirs of Peter O'Toole ]
  • Boy George
  • Spike Milligan
  • Rory Gallagher
  • John Lydon [ Johnny Rotten ]
  • The House of Pain
  • Jean Butler
    • Fiona Carr
    • Roma Downey [ Touched by an Angel ]
    • Brenda Fricker
    • Anjelica Huston
    • Pauline McLynn [ Ah... go on.... ]
    • And others
    • The Cusack sisters
  • Celebrities who have Irish Residency/Passports/Parents, Family, or are Hibernophile
    • Misc
      • Jack Nicholson [ Residency & Family Background ]
      • Hazel O'Connor
      • Baby Spice
      • Tom Cruise
      • Val Kilmer
      • Meg Ryan *unconfirmed
      • Kim Basinger [ Hibernophile & Family Background ]
      • Mickey Rourke [Parents]
      • Mel Gibson [Parents]
      • Julia Roberts
      • Daniel Day Lewis
      • Moira Kelly
      • Carmen Electra ( Tara Patrick ) [ Irish Cherokee ]
      • Oasis [Parents]
      • Princess Grace of Monaco [ Parents/Family ]
      • JFK ( Some member of the American Kennedy Family now live in Ireland )
  • Various Irish Inventions (such as Whiskey, Surnames, Scotland, Boycotts, Halloween, Digital signatures etc. ) Curious Irish History, Television, Culture General Irish Culture ( normal )
    • Irish Recipies
    • Irish Gourmet Food
    • Sean Nós singing
    • Ierland Web Ierland @ctueel is een regelmatig ververst, onafhankelijk internetmagazine met nieuws uit en over Ierland, waarbij de nadruk ligt op toerisme, cultuur, economie en de Nederlands-Ierse relaties. ( Heel Goed site voor de Nederlanders denk Ik! )
    • Mary Robinson, our first woman president, who is now the UN Commissioner for Human Rights.
      Also, her address to the Oireachtas
      about the descendants of Irish people, in both nearby and faroff countries. This is what we call the 'diaspora'.
    • Children of Chernobyl, a personal crusade by our (almost) woman president, the famous Adi Roche.
    • Mary McAleese, our actual second woman president, and the Irish in wartime, Napoleon to Lebanon.
    • TALK TO THE PRESIDENT OF IRELAND NOW! We mean it!! An t-Uachtarán Mary McAleese online. Not there? Leave a message
    • The meanings of some Irish town names
    • Clever People [ I haven't even started researching this yet. I need a coffee. - and maybe a typist. And a big car..... and..... ]
    • Neutral and non-nuclear by choice
    • Irish air, water, and earth for sale. The tradional inventiveness of the Irish Coffee approach
      • Selling Virtual Irish Air. Possible? Yes. Check Ghostwatch as mentioned above.
    • Gaelic lesson using mnemonic memory techniques. Take the yaq test.
    • It's Far better than Yaq. Not to worry though. I've just run over and let the air outta their tyres.
    • From Jamaica to Boston to Sydney. 70 million people have provable Irish roots. The Diaspora.
    • Dublin Slang, and the floozie in the jacuzzi
    • Cork Slang, boy.
    • General Irish slang & accent in the English language.
    • Blarney
    More Irish Curia
    Pierce Brosnan aka James Bond - Yes he's Irish. Sources on the street have it, that he's a polite and friendly ol' soul.
    How he became Bond
    How he became Bond
    Is Pierce Really Human? Or Computer Generated? (Sorry for adding that, Pierce, but them internet people would believe anything. Everyone knows Brosnan is a very common Kerry name. Yeah, I know yer from Meath. Shhh - don't confuse the people! Incidentally, for Dalton, Moore, and Connery are also quite common Irish names.
    Famous IA's
    Famous IA's again
    Funny Stuff
  • Business Etiquette
  • [ i.e. Soul-spirit ]
    World's Earliest Moon Map [ uh.. in Ireland of course ]
    Carrowkeel Neolithic Lightbox The Astonishing Astronomical knowledge of the ancient Irish.
    Monuments from Henry Kirwan's site
    Funny Stuff
    Irish Search engines and Promotional Sites


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