The importance of the Meta Tag.
( Site promotion Secrets #1 )

One vital area that cannot be overlooked when submitting your  webpages to internet search engines is the all powerful META Tag. There are two main types: Description and Keyword.

Generally, the description meta is used as a one line summary of your business, which the search engine can use, instead of taking the first actual line from the visible part of your webpage. Remember that whatever you type in the meta description, will appear on the search engine.

<meta name="description" content="Mike's Guitar Shop, the largest guitar and accessories dealer for the west coast music scene. ">

You can also specify keywords as follows

 <meta name="keywords" content="Mike's Guitar Shop, electric guitars, acoustic guitars, Spanish guitars, wahwah pedals, fuzz pedals, effects racks, PA systems, amplifiers">

You can seperate your keywords with commas, thereby adding a mechanism of seperating phrases, however, this does not always work, as many search engines will ignore the comma.
Some internet savvy users also put their keywords and content into different languages, and spellings, including both "guitar" and "guitars", for example. Others try to get away with using a description built into the <title> tag of the webpage, or even include three of four '<title>' tags, in order to submit as much information as possible.

One company, which shall remain nameless, advocated the repetition of the text portion of the page, within comment <-- --!> tags, in order to trigger higher ratings on the internet search page.

From experience, it would seem that, because the 'keywords' meta has been so misused in the past, that search engines have become suspicious of this, and seem to rely a little more on the actual meta description, and on the text content of the page.

If you do feel the pressing need to 'load' your page in order to get higher ratings, then be very careful not to repeat the same words too often, or otherwise you'll trigger the search engine into ignoring your site completely, as repetition is considered to be  Spamming:- something that people on the net are very sensitive about.

To be able to spam a search engine effectively takes quite a bit of work in any case, and you're probably much better off playing reasonably safe, and not attracting too much unwanted attention to yourself.

Making duplicates of each page, and submitting them under different names is also considered spamming.
If you are a broke, starving,  webmaster and you really need to do this, then we would recommend that you are cautious, and make sure the Content Metatags are different on each page, in case the webbot's do a checksum.
Broke starving webmasters would be better off applying this technique, only to their main "front door"  page, because submitting more than one spammed page can result in your site being 'busted' very very fast.

However, overall, we do not recommend that you do this. It's not fair to other broke starving webmasters, and everyone needs a fair chance. If you get caught... then, don't say we didn't warn you.

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