Submitting Pages
( Site promotion Secrets #3 )

There are many many companies which offer you the facility to submit pages for a 'nominal fee'.
Our advice is..... dont bother!!! It has been shown that about 96% of your webvisitors will come from the 7 or 8 major search engines, and this is something that you can easily do yourself. The return on your investment is dubious at best.

On the other hand, if you sit around all day, spitting out websites like they were uh.. paper, and you have too much money and too much work to be making meta's and messing with page submissions, then by all means pay someone to do it for you. It's hardly likely that you are, though, or otherwise you wouldn't be here. :)

First off, if you don't know this already, then I'll tell you now: You should submit EVERY page on your website to the search engines, so long as you're not spamming, and so long as you're not submitting duplicates.

But... I don't have half the information on my page yet! Shouldn't I wait?
NO!! Submit your page now... and when your page begins to spill all over the place with content, then, simply 'resubmit'

It can take from days to months for your page to register on the search engines, so, you'll be pulling you hair out in a fortnight, when there's no mention of your site anywhere. Actually... the old 'months' adage is really an exadgerration. Every self respecting website like mine will tell you that your page could take months to appear. The inside story though, is that it'll most likely show up within 3 weeks on AltaVista, and that's what counts. So... don't sweat it too much. Well, you'll probably end up sweating it for a few days regardless. It's human nature. :)

You should probably throw in a web counter as well. That way, you'll have a good idea of when people are beginning to hit your page a lot. You'll most likely be disappointed though, since web promotion takes a lot of work, and it takes a long time to work up to a good healthy number of visitors.

Remember also, that a webcounter only registers the visitors for the page that it hits. If you have submitted all your webpages, and done your homework properly, then, you may, in reality, be getting 20 times more web visitors, if you have 20 more pages. Ask your ISP to give you a logging facility, so you can see who is accessing your site, and from where. At the time of typing this, however, the majority of web visitors are American males in their thirties.
In the next year though, this will change drastically.

Where should I go to Submit my webpages??

This is a great service, where you don't really have to fiddle around with search engine specific forms asking you too many questions. Remember life is short. Just get in there, and submit it!! It's Free!

Be careful of submitting your webpage in haste, though.
I have this terrible habit of submitting pages, and then realising that I forgot to put the meta tags in there.
Use the linkexchange service to check for broken links, and check anything necessary, before submitting.

If in doubt, then just submit. You can always resubmit if you made a mistake.

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