Links Pages
( Site promotion Secrets #4 )

Links pages! Hmm......Consider this:

You've been working round-the-clock every day and night, sitting in the glow of the flickering monitor for the last two months, and finally, the site is really starting to take shape. Your credit card company calls you to investigate why you're buying coffee in bulk. Your kids haven't seen you in so long, that they wonder who the strange luminous guy is. A few tweaks.... a few adjustments, and finally, you've submitted all your pages!

Congratulations!!!! After all that, have one link from your first page to your second page, but 112 classy looking links away from your own site and onto OPP's. ( Other people's pages )

I mean.. low self esteem, or what!!?!! I know, because I did it myself. <grin>
If you must include links, and you probably will need some for your friends and competitors <sic!> then just hide them away at the back.

Alternatively, you could also take the approach, of writing a paragraph of a review for each site, underneath it's link, so that you can increase the informational value of that page, and thereby encourage users to at least bookmark it.

If you're one of those totally mad people who has the dream of including a totally comprehansive links page, then you could try downloading some software to strip the links from other peoples pages, and churn out a good links page without wasting too much time on it.

Links ( as well as banners ) are only good, if you get paid for them.  
The very least you should do is include a target ="new_window" attribute in your HREF tag, which will at least spring up a new window to accomodate the link.

Remember also, to pepper your page with innocent looking links, that link right back to another area of your own site.

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