Use Your Brain
( Site promotion Secrets #5 )

Nothing makes the visitor bookmark your page more than the value of the information that you provide.
If you do some research, and present some valuable information ( sorta like these pages ) the hard way, then people will immediately appreciate that, and are much more likely to return.

The amount of garbage information on the internet nowadays is staggering. Chances are that you're engrossed in reading this page right now, when, 3 hours ago, your initial motivation to sign on the internet was simply to find a new lawnmower for Aunty Cathleen. Chances are you would have found nothing anyway.

Basically, people can't resist content. If you provide good content, they will recommend you, visit you, talk about you, link to you, download you, rip off your pages, and various things that you've probably already done to me.

Anyway.. the bottom line is, that every page counts. Even from a search engine point of view.
If you write a 20 page essay, and throw it up onto your site.. then that's 20 more links direct to you!!!!
Ya get the idea?

However, to be really effective, you need to spend just a little more time thinking out what you need to say.
For these pages, for example, I chose a subject matter that I know something about.
Why? Because I don't have to keep looking at some stoopid book, trying to paraphrase someone else.
Instead, I just keep typing, and even though it seems endless, it's really only one night's work, and it's well worth it.

I don't claim to be a guru of any sort. I think people know that by now, if they haven't already nodded off to sleep.
In fact... I have a distinct advantage in not being a guru in this area.

One major rule is:
There's no such thing as a comprehensive website. I heard a rumour that even Mighty AltaVista don't comprehensively index every single page. Consider it impossible, and you'll be a lot happier.
Instead, try and bring a slice of life to your site. Spend a longer time on specific areas, outlining them with your own words, and making them more interesting to the casual surfer.

I could have implemented a full explanation of every single DHTML tag known, but life is too short.
Instead I chose to present valuable information, in a clear concise way.
You must maximise your Information Per Space Ratio, although without going overboard.

One very good way to do this, is to USE your BRAIN!
In most cases, your own words will have a lot more value than all the corporate talk under the sun.
Uh.. unless you're a corporation. :)

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