Hi There!!!!!!  
I finally decided to come clean, and show you YAQ Internet from behind the scenes.  My name is Emmet, and I'm the main person behind the whole of the YAQ Project.  

I officially started Yaq in January 1998, hoping to make great waves in the accommodation area by advertising Irish B&B accommodation online. After a few false starts, and learning the ropes with Linux, BSD, VB, Databases, WebDesign graphics, and so forth, I was able to arm myself with an arsenal of home written software, and eventually opened my site to the public in October 1998.  

Unfortunately the market for B&B webpages had already been saturated, so I decided to add a little content.  
The content grew and grew over the months, and pretty soon I had a totally new site, all about Ireland.  

I believe that everyone should have a choice, and that everyone should have a fair chance. So, I'm constantly  
working to try and provide people with the opportunity of using my independent directories.  

I mean... why should the big corporations have all the fun? 
( Remind me to remove this line when Yaq hits da BigTime :-))  

Ultimately, I would love Yaq to get into the area of multimedia/video content provision so I can really let my hair down. I've been a musician for many years and have a lot of experience with recording and writing music. If I had the resources, I would spend my time writing VRML, Flash, Shockwave, Audio and Video components for this site.  

I would also love to promote the use of the Irish language internationally, and I have some half written scripts lying around which will help me do so.  

For right now though, I'm still depending on your banner clicks in order to pay the rent. Most of these banners ( but not all ) are pay-per click, meaning that yaq generates a few cents for each click, based on cookie information. Add those clicks up over a lot of pages and over time, and things start to happen.  
That's the theory at least. <grin>  

What does 'Yaq' mean?  
Yaq comes from da Yak, which originated when a good friend of mine was trying to teach me an accent. So, it originally became da Yak Scent, referring to the smell of Blarney that seems to appear whenever I open my mouth! :)  
Unfortunately, the name 'Yak.com' was taken, so I decided to go for YAQ instead, since I had already designed a graphic based on the letter Q to indicate Quality for some long forgotten hair brained scheme I once had.  
So, that's all it means... no hidden messages, no hidden meanings. Simple as that.  

A overworked tech support guy once got into a fit of laughter because he thought I had introduced myself with "! This is Emmet from 

Why Ireland?  
Well, when I started off on the net, it seemed to me that most of the interesting Irish sites were American based, and had a tendency to put dozens of little leprechauns all over the place.  
By comparison, (with one or two notable exceptions) the Irish related sites were dull and boring, preferring to look as professional and corporate as possible, providing little entertainment value, and making Ireland look like a heck of a boring place.  
Since I'm born, raised, and still resident in Ireland I thought I could do better. I wanted to represent the country through my own eyes, and although I haven't achieved that ambition yet, not by a long shot,  but  
I'm still getting there, slowly, and surely.  

I have the intention of expanding into other markets and covering other territories, and will do so in time.  
As it is, this site is optimised mainly for US visitors, who provide up to 70% of my viewing audience.  

Are you the only person involved with the Yaq Project?  

Almost. There have been various contributors to Yaq.com, each credited as their content appears.  
I'll tell you all about these hidden forces shortly, but generally speaking, almost all graphics, content, silly comments, photos, and programming were done by me.  

Special Credit however is due to the MSA CGI/Perl programming group, Matt Wright's CGI Scripts, and Mary from Strangepages.net 
who kindly contributed their expertise to solving yaq problems.  

What other services do you provide? 
  • B&B Listings 
  • Website Design Services 
  • Hosting 
  • Perl Programming 
  • VB Programming 

We are currently seeking outsourcing work to enhance and extend our business. If you can bring us business, let us know, and we'll pay you commission.  

Similarly, if you own an Irish site, we'll  organise a banner program for you, or can arrange a solution whereby we will sell your products on a commission basis. Don't worry about the technicalities of such an affiliate program. We'll work it out for you, and if we believe in what you do, we'll set up an affiliate program for you for free.  

We have a very large software/internet section, some of which is live on the net, and some still under development. You can access these pages from a search engine, but not from the main YAQ site as yet. 

We also have extensive shopping and advertising facilities. We have over 10 000 books, and hundreds of software titles for sale, for example.  
This section is still in experimental stage, and by June 1999, we would hope to offer 2000 pages of general shopping opportunities. I'm not exadgerrating, just for the record.  

We will also be extending our Yaq Communities sections, providing 100 new forums for you.  

This page is currently being constructed. More Information to Follow Shortly