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Yaq Experimental Phrasemaker

Do you want to Do we have to Do you know how we could
Is it possible Would I be able to (capable of) Can I I'd like to Would you like to Do you know how I could
(to) talk to (to) find out (to) say (to) come back
(to) go out (to) go to (to) get hold of (to) buy (to) stay here

The Corrs A pint of Guinness Some of that Irish Stew
A few music videos A few words of Irish
an Irish Person A U2 album Galway A pub The Internet A computer some Software a Gaelic version

to give as a gift to my wife? to write to my friends? while I'm in Ireland? without knowing any Irish? sometime after St. Patrick's Day? if you'd like to go? using accented characters? to use on my computer? if you can do that? to learn Irish? to keep? to download? to use? to visit? to learn? to buy? to take part in it?


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