Yaq Internet Ireland

Dear Customer,

Due to website growth, necessary maintainance and other factors, I'm including this paragraph to advise you of the current status.

B&B directory [ For B&B's advertising ]
We're accepting orders but don't have an operational service at the moment. The last attempt didn't get very much response from B&B's so it was basically scrapped. We will be rewriting the service shortly but haven't settled on a pricing structure. It's unlikely to be more than IR£50, however. However, do send us your details, and we will talk to you about it. Expect a functional service by the end of May 2000.

B&B Free directory [ For B&B's advertising ]
We're implementing a free directory, which wont be as detailed as the full service. Write to me, at any address, or at webadmin@yaq.com for details.

Visitors wishing to book B&B's
We have a whole new set of booking forms ready, but not yet live. In the meantime, please go to our associates at 12Travel.com to make your bookings.

Visitors wishing to Shop
We have a whole new set of shopping pages almost ready to go. If you're having any difficulties in ordering a particular product on the shopping page, then please send an email to our associates at info@irishop.com We will soon be adding a whole shopping Mall full of Irish and Travel Goods. Click here for travel accessories.

Need a Website?
Our Website Design pages will help you decide. Our current prices are IR£100 per page, which is a very good price for this kind of work at such a high standard. It's cost effective for you, but not so much for us, so we'll help as much as possible, but we may not be able to accept all contract offers.

Programming rates for Perl/Cgi/VB programming are IR£20 per hour. Contact us for details and samples.

Directory Listings - LocalAmerica.net Listings, Euroindustry.com Listings
LocalAmerica.net and Euroindustry.com are not operational at this time, but will be, shortly. In the meantime, drop us an email, or add your link to our links directory. If your links are relevant to Euroindustry and LocalAmerica, they will be added as soon as those sites go live. The current prototype of LocalAmerica is known as Cityhopper.

Visitor Usage and Demographics
This website serves a half a million pages per year. 67% of visitors are American, 20% European, and Canada, Australia and NZ account for most of the rest. We cannot yet provide localized language versions of this website, except via Babelfish. For now, these pages are language-insensitive, meaning any language is acceptable.

Why isn't board-x/page-y/script-z working?
It's just that I haven't got round to it yet, and many apologies. I currently spend 18 hours per day, 7 days per week doing Yaq related work, and Yaq Client related work. Even answering daily emails also quite a few hours. So please, bear with me... and if you need anything done in a hurry, please contact me, and I'll do my best. By July 2000, I aim to have over a thousand new pages on this website - it's quite a big task!!

In the meantime, thanks so much for visiting, hope you like the site, and hope to hear from you...!
Best regards,

The following information is included from the older version of this page.
We are pleased to introduce our new internet company specialising in focused advertising for tourism. Specifically, we concentrate on providing maximum advertising exposure to the top rated B&B's and guesthouses in Ireland.  Rather than dedicating our site to tourism in general, we have opted to create a specific directory dedicated to directly marketing your business within the overall tourism framework.

On completion of the questionnaire, your listing will then appear, along with a photograph, on a web-page dedicated to businesses similar to your own, all within the same location. Using this method of grouping related areas together, we can greatly enhance the exposure of your business, as compared to advertising a lone guesthouse with a single web-page.

If you would like to take this unique opportunity to promote your business and increase your year round occupancy, please complete the enclosed order form, and send it back to us. Your business will receive worldwide exposure at a nominal cost and your listing will be available within one week from receipt of application. Your business is paramount, and by subscribing for our annual service, no limitations are placed on you as regards to any other form of advertising you may wish to pursue while being part of our directory.
Should you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

 We look forward to hearing from you,
      Best Regards,

                    Emmet O'Riordan
                    Director, Yaq Internet